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The association Invitation to Life was founded in France in 1983. Its mission is to welcome, harmonise and listen to those who so desire, in its centres in France and all around the world.

These centres are open to anyone who wants to be received: people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and faiths. If they ask for it, anyone who has been welcomed may deepen the process of individual transformation suggested by Invitation to Life. IVI offers this opportunity to discover a better balance in life through refocusing one’s existence on a universal value taught by Jesus Christ: love.

The association Invitation to Life has been declared of general interest in France since 2007: this means that IVI is recognised as a legitimate, not-for-profit organisation with tax-deductability status for donations.

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IVI is present in 35 countries

Invitation to Life Worldwide

Invitation to Life Worldwide

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Invitation to Life Worldwide

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